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All the services you expect from a Bank, with a philosophy that makes de difference.

  • A prestigious tool within your reach.

We are a Swiss bank, synonym of trust, soundness and prestige. We have the knowhow and expertise of Banque Heritage Switzerland.

  • Our focus: your needs.

We provide a personalized service, with a state of the art technological platform and a vast array of local and regional products designed for each sector and industry.

  • The strength of being sensitive.

We are a Boutique Bank. We provide: customization and prompt assistance; flexibility to structure tailor-made solutions; quick decision-making.


Banque Heritage is a Swiss private bank with headquarters in Geneva, regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). In Uruguay, we are an institution with more than 30 years of experience.

Banque Heritage Uruguay has consolidated in the region as an independent financial institution, combining an in-depth knowledge of the local financial markets with the support of a global stockholder.

The activities of the Bank are carried out in its headquarters and in two branches located in the city of Montevideo, in Uruguay, under the supervision of the Central Bank of Uruguay. (


Banque Heritage Uruguay specializes in Corporate and Private Banking, and offers its services to natural and legal persons that seek to develop a long-term business relationship while they benefit from world-class financial products and services.


  • Our clients come first:

Our focus allows us to anticipate the needs and desires of our clients, and understand them. We maintain excellence relationships by combining integrity and adaptive capacity through a professional, independent and objective advice.

  • Access to global offer of investment products:

This enables us to grant you access to a vast array of products of the domestic and international market, and provides different investment alternatives aimed at adequately diversified portfolios, ideal for each client. We have the knowhow and expertise of Banque Heritage Switzerland


  • Tailored solutions:

 We have the ability to adapt and build solutions tailored to each client, with relationships based on trust and reciprocal knowledge.

  • Dedicated team:

We have specialized executives that go to where our customers are, and a state-of-the-art technological platform to operate remotely.

  • Access to full range of products:

 We have a comprehensive array of highly competitive products, both domestic and regional.

Banque Heritage (Uruguay) S.A is a financial institution regulated and supervised by The Central Bank of Uruguay. Visit or for more information. If you have any complaints or queries please write us to or at

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