Henderson, originally from Scotland installed in Uruguay in 1996 bringing with it the great experience and knowledge as UK contractor and later also in Chile. Since then, it has been working actively in the development in the forest and agricultural areas in Uruguay, standing out from being one of the pioneers in introducing the mechanization of the forest harvesting and on the machinery logistic for wood handling.

During these thirty years of experience, Henderson has been transformed in a group which has nucleated four companies: David Henderson, Oldson S.A., Monte Noble S.A. and Dunning S.R.L.

Our group has been specialized in the mechanization of the productive processes refer to wood industrialization and other associated areas but still continue increasing our bet in machinery with the latest technology which allows us  develop in a successful way  during all these processes.  We also have developed the agricultural area investing in infrastructure and technology which give us the opportunity to optimize the production.

We work daily in all our companies on top of our common pillars: professionalism, improvement in all our services, strength and attitude related to our personal treatment and training our clients necessities on behalf of their clients too.

We are pleased to feel we are more than providers, we are partners in a common project.

Our Mission

Create the major values for our shareholders, people who work with us and the community through the business management, providing machinery and logistic services in mechanical product services in general.

Using our technology to optimize these processes to fulfil our main objectives getting the best business in personal security and  in the environmental care.


Our Vision

Contribute with the development in the community which we work with through the optimization in the productive processes.


Business lines

David Henderson Company 


Henderson Image 1David Henderson works mainly in the agricultural development area as a way of diversification and complement of the other businesses´ units. The company owns 2000 hectares of land in which 800 are for cattle raising and the other 1200 hectares  for agriculture (600 hectares from this land are Pivott irrigated). 


Oldson S.A. 
Zona Franca Company


Oldson Image 1Oldson S.A. specializes in logistics with  wood and pulp handling, industrial waste and road machinery. This company has more than 30 machines and a team of more than 60 jobs.

Within its mains services we highlight:


Monte Noble
Monte Noble S.A. Company

Monte Noble Image 2Description

Monte Noble S.A. originated in the field of mechanized forestry harvesting, extraction and loading of wood in the forest, transforming itself to become today a company specializing in the logistics of machinery standing out in covering needs in roads, agricultural infrastructure, field and soil improvement, earth moving with dump trucks, installation of irrigation systems, road and heavy machinery in general.


Dunning S.R.L. CompanyDunning


Dunning Image 3Dunning S.R.L. specializes in the transport of heavy machinery, mainly forestry and road machinery. Without neglecting the transport of agricultural production and other materials such as stone, sand or coarse among others

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